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Jul 13, 2011 6:00pm PDT
a miriam de la unión americana de derechos civiles. >> puede llamar para más información a los expertos que nos acompañan esta tarde sólo hasta las siete de la noche. >> (información en pantalla) . >> al regresar... . >> la vanidad podría arriesgar la vida de algunas personas. >;> hablarémos de las dietas de verano. >> ya regresamos . >> (♪ ♪ ). >> (♪ ♪ ). >> gracias ¿qué tal? buenas tardes, feliz miércoles ya le echamos el vistazo para el fin de semana, vamos primero a la costa oeste, se mantiene despejado, todo california con buenas noticias, se mantiene hacía el norte, con excelentes condiciones, entre los 54 y 56 grados en la noche. >ó> (información en pantalla) . >> pronóstico para los próximos 5 días el calor regresa sábado y domingo, próximo lunes en los 70, el calor más intenso, el próximo lunes, fin de semana estupendo, para oakland temperaturas estables, les tendre más detalles sólo a las once. >> gracias guillermo quiroz, muchas pèrsonas tienen dietas especiales para el verano, pero puede ser peligrosas. >> saludos amigos salud es vida ¡enterate!
Jul 8, 2011 6:00pm PDT
de la alcaldia de san jose se realiza una vigilia de oracion... ---vamos a hablar con miriam maldonado, lider comunitaria de pact. take live cu ---la guerra contra el crimen organizado se intensifica no solo en mxico sino en estados unidos donde agentes de "ice" han descubierto varios "narcotneles ".. donde adems de transportar droga, los sicarios mandan a niÑos inocentes.. ---oscar gomez desde arizona nos tiene los detalles.. nogales arizona se ha convertido en la capital de los tuneles ilegales en los ultimos meses..... agentes de la patrulla fronteriza y de ice ... han descubierto un total de 78 tuneles clandestinos cerce del muro fronterizo .. autoridades aseguran que los contrabandistas estan utilizando metodos nunca antes visto....... crystal amarillas// patrulla fronteriza los contrabandist as hacen sus tuneles ilicitos y aqu los conectan a estos y los rompen y por aqu pasan su contrabando.. en 2009 se encontraron 20 conductos que conectaban ambos paises.... este aÑo se han detectado 7 .....el ultimo fue descubierto en mayo pasado por agentes de empezo a
Jul 16, 2011 7:00pm EDT
of half their populations, seem to be absent, in fact, in antagonism with the way miriam came to view the world in her censorious discussed for sexuality, for women who was critical of jackie onassis touring pakistan and there is sleeveless silk -- and yes, mary ann's thoughts of being an unmarried woman, which was intolerable to her foster father cried out for some feminist critique. did you have a parallel annoyance with her? or is that my idiosyncrasies? >> about a mistake here she is, you know, in racing with huge excitement. you know, she sent this picture to her parent soon after she arrived. like you'll never recognize me as the same old lady. look at me now. these are the clothes i'll be wearing for the rest of my life. and i thought, how can you recognize anybody? why do you have your picture taken if you're not going to show your face? that just sort of stopped me in my tracks. but thinking about it, he thought she grew up in westchester. she washed her sister, all her cousins getting married. the idea of marriage she was a little scared to hear what she was scared of boys,
Jul 23, 2011 9:00am PDT
children wild food and dirty water, which makes him sick. he was born with a twin sister miriam. she died in may. i'm doubly cursed, says alice, because i gave birth to twins during a drought and miriam died because of it. she died of hunger. the world is focused on this drought in the horn of africa. but here in northern kenya, it's part of a downward spiral. the rains are becoming less frequent, the droughts more often. this is a chronic emergency. tony lake, the head of unicef, says we need to focus on the big picture. >> while there are a lot of lives that are endangered here, there's a way of life that's endangered here as well. >> reporter: it would seem to me this is an extremely vulnerable population when compared, say, with the world's population. how would you assess the situation? >> this is the most fragile situation i've seen anywhere. >> reporter: the dry season will last here for several more months at least. and the longer-term view is also grim. so the people of this village are asking one thing -- don't forget them. david mckenzie, cnn, kenya. >>> straight ahead, the ver
Jul 24, 2011 6:00pm PDT
controversia que ha traído al tema de la oposición de algunos. pero por hoy sandra y miriam están abocadas a celebrar. >> para mí que me siento bien contenta, es una cosa que no tengo palabras para decir. >> el día que esperaron desde hace años, en nueva york. >> mucha atención, ahora cada vez que usted acuda a los vehículos motorizados a solicitar una licencia de conducir, va a encontrar una nueva pregunta del formulario, esto se debe a que desde el pasado entró en rigor una ley que autoriza al temple a preguntarle si usted desea donar sus órganos, los grupos que promueven es del california espera que con este cambio aumente el persa porcentaje de residentes que opten por tomar esa decisión. hoy se llevó a cabo el tercer festival de comida peruana que la ciudad de san francisco, este popular evento culinario se realizó en la plaza del centro cívico frente al ayuntamiento, los asistentes pudieron degustar los exquisitos platillos de la rica comida peruana además de música y danzas, muchos de los asistentes dijeron rojo y blanco, que son los colores emblemáticos de la repúbli
Jul 6, 2011 5:00pm EDT
-- >> miriam meyer says foam with the no. 6 are recyclable. and >> they will take this back to their facility. they will process it into pellets and even compress it, and then they will move it to another location where it will get made into a things like picture frames or crown molding. take of this junction has only been here for a week and already been filled and emptied once. a service officials it will cut down on landfill space and something residents have been asking for for years. >> everyone has been asking for it, and you see it get trashed when we should have been recycling. >> styrofoam is not part of single straight recycling, so carroll county cannot but not out with curbside recycling. >> baltimore city public works officials say an agreement is in place with the art. they hope to have a plan in place for state residents by the end of this summer. >> some wild pictures out of the phoenix, ariz., area when a huge dust storms swept through the valley last night. it looks like a special effects seen from the movie. this has forced officials to close the airport and shutdown some o
Jul 21, 2011 2:00pm PDT
feed emanuel wild fruit and dirty water, which makes him sick. he was born with a twin sister, miriam. she died in may. i'm doubly cursed, says alice, because i gave birth to twins during a drought, and miriam died because of it. here in northern kenya, it's part of a downward spiral. the rains are coming less frequently, the droughts more often. this is a chronic emergency. tony lake, the head of unicef, says we need to focus on the big picture. >> while there are a lot of lives endangered here, there's a way of life that's endangered, and it's a damn shame. >> reporter: it would seem this is an extremely vulnerable population when compared with the world's population. how would you assess it? >> this is the most fragile situation i have seen, anywhere. >> reporter: the dry season will last for several more months, at least. the longer-term view is also grim. the people are asking one thing -- don't forget them. cnn, tekana, kenya. >>> tony lake was clinton's first national security adviser. i want to thank him and everyone else who is helping. you can help as well. to find out what
Jul 28, 2011 2:05am PDT
ignore those tickets go unpunished. more now from kabc's miriam hernandez. >> reporter: it is a red light now for 32 intersections across los angeles enforced with cameras. by unanimous vote the city council calls a halt to the program, effective july 31st. >> t tay it is time for to us shut it down and shut it down now. >> reporter: but what happens now to people holding an estimated 65,000 tickets? one reason leaders are abandoning the program as useless, the court does not report outstanding citations to the dmv. and failure to pay does not hit your credit record either. that's news to some people waiting in line at traffff court. >> interesting. i don't know, i -- i guess that kind of changes the game for why i'm here right now. >> reporter: ross latimer and his daughter planned to fight their ticket but paid nearly $500 just to be safe. >> at the time, trying to be upstanding citizens. right? and pay it. now we're kind of caught in the middle. >> reporter: question at city hall, could drivers get their money back? >> as far as refunds? >> the court will not refund. >> reporter: but c
Jul 29, 2011 2:00am PDT
. now back to the word of the day. default. it's from miriam webster. default is fail your to pay back financial debt. i'm so choked up i can't get over it. if it's not raised and america is not able to pay its bill, they default. ben bernanke and the s&p consider any failure to mean ety financial on guy ligation a defauchlt gault. you'll be hearing about that in the course of the next three days. here are the things to put on your radar. >>> tropical storm don could reach the texas coast by tonight. expected to bring heavy rainfall to date. >>> president obama is expected to nay nouns new fuel economy standards for cars and trucks today. calls for all vehicles sold in 2025 to average 54.5 miles per gallon. >> and we're watching as house speaker john boehner tries to get enough votes to pass his plachblt. >>> john mccain called tea party lawmakers hobbits and told them go back to middle earth. stephen colbert takes it to a new level. >> four days and these clouns in washington are using the "lord of the rings" to say john mccain is soren? that is ridiculous. is clearly saurman. there h
Jul 18, 2011 2:00am PDT
to know, schadenfreude. >>> now back to our word of the day. schadenfreude. according to miriam webster it means, enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others. this is from the "wall street journal." "the schadenfreude is so thick you can't cut it with a chainsaw." the "wall street journal" is one of rupert murdock's publications. they used the word in an article fighting back against claims "the news of the world" scandal tarnished the journalists of oertsd rupert murdock publications including the "wall street journal." here are three things to put on your radar today. with an august 2nd deadline quickly approaching president obama and congressional leaders are still trying to work out a possible deficit reduction deal. around 9:00 eastern this morning the shuttle "atlantis" crew will bid farewell to the space station crew before closing the hatch and preparing to return home. around 1:00 p.m. eastern president obama will nominate richard cordray to head the new consumer financial protection bureau, scheduled to formally open for business on thursday. the bureau is intended to make
Jul 14, 2011 5:00pm EDT
in the hearing room. miriam carter lost her sister. maria ramirez was 25 when the planes became came into the building. since the loss of her sister, she treasures life more. >> and don't pay attention to the little things and that is not a big deal. you try to be better and live out your faith. >> reporter: with the 10th anniversary of the murderous 9/11 attacks approaching, two groups are trying to convince americans to spend all or part of september 11th volunteering for charities or service organizations. >> let's make the lives of others better on this day each year. it's that simple and powerful. >> reporter: ray mand patagonod arlene would have strong i ep-- strongly endorsed a day of service as remember brans. >> she would love it. very, very remember. yes. and -- the attitude was to help people. >> reporter: organizers hope millions of americans remember the anniversary of 9/11 with a day of service. in washington, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> and what a wonderful way to remember them. >> yes. we'll be right back.  >> a phenomenon of facebook continues to grow. m
Jul 1, 2011 7:00am PDT
. >> cecilia alegrÍa nos acompaÑa. la doctora amor. tenemos vÍa telefÓnica a miriam saldaÑa que conviviÓ con un esposo vividor. miriam, cÓmo estÁs? >> ¡muy buenos dÍas!. >> ahÍ nos escuchas. cuÁl era el problema que tenÍas con tu esposo y el dinero? >> desde el inicio del matrimonio Él querÍa mandarle dinero a su familia y que yo corriera con los gastos de la casa. >> no trabajaba? >> sÍ, trabajaba en un campo. >> pero no aportaba Él dinero para su familia. >> Él aportaba el dinero para su familia en mÉxico y querÍa que yo corriera con los gastos de la casa y de todo, y que le diera a Él dinero. >> trabajaban los dos pero Él se ocupaba de mantener a su familia en mÉxico y tÚ aquÍ y en algÚn momento decidiste no darle dinero mÁs y esto basta, no te puedo mantener. >> sÍ, lo enfrentÉ le dije que Él necesitaba cambiar para poder... >> yo me vi mÁs en paz para darle una vida tranquila a mi hija. >> puedes bajar el volumen de tu televisor para que no haya problemas con nosotros. cÓmo se da uno cuenta que estÁ viviendo con un vividor? >> el caso de miriam es diferente a la
Jul 1, 2011 7:00am EDT
? >> el caso de miriam es diferente a la mayor parte de las otras mujeres porque el vividor se destaca por su falta de deseo de buscar un trabajo. Él va a estar en la casa, mirando el fÚtbol, comiendo rico en casa, y no va a trabajar porque es oscioso. el de ella era un vividor que trabajaba pero que se aprovechaba de ella porque la plata la utilizaba para otros fines. >> cÓmo tienen que saber reaccierica ante un vividor y ojo porque existen las vividoras. >> las hay! y tienen mucho miedo. porque creen que se casan las mujeres por el dinero y no es asÍ en la mayoría de los casos. muy bien la decisiÓn que tomÓ miriam, el marido tiene que ser el principal provedor de la familia y Él no cumplÍa con esos fines porque no lo querÍa si no quería cambiar la relaciÓn se terminaba. >> o te vas o te cambio! h@despe despierta americah@univisionh@d h@despierta americah@h@univisi@ h@despierta americah@h@univisio >> mÁs ahÍ ya no hay remedio cuando se juntan esos dos factores es mucho mÁs difÍcil resucitar el amor de pareja. hay que buscar el cambio en el sentido de reponerse de ese traum
Jul 21, 2011 12:00pm PDT
a drought and miriam died because of it. she died of hunger. >> well, this week the united nations declared hunger in the horn of africa has grown so severe it constitutes a famine right now. that means food and water are in such short supply. people can no longer take care of themselves. cnn's david mckenzie reports on this humanitarian criesies from a refugee camp in kenya. >> reporter: this is the edge of the camp where somalia refugees are streaming into, in the thousands every week. it's the children really who are the worst off. many of them are malnourished. most of them seem to have some kind of respiratory problem because of the wind and dust blasting through here. living in terrible conditions like this, the huts which are basically+++%! space with no shelter. and when they come here, they come expecting help. they come expecting food, water. the basic dignity that refugees should get when they move to another country, but here they even have to go out into the outer areas to defecate because there's no latrines for them, and they say they are worried there could even be a disease
Jul 10, 2011 2:30pm EDT
] >> okay. we have time for two more questions. we have one here and -- >> yes. miriam from catholic university. i wanted to go back to the question of the justice system in mexico and why is there no trust? and what, if anything, can be done both by mexican-americans and people in mexico, the united states government to actually improve the situation? because this must be a longstanding problem. >> do you want to do both of them? >> was there another question? yeah. why don't we get one more, and then we'll call it -- >> yeah, i'm larry from the smithsonian anthropology department. if i remember correctly in 1990, 991 the elements of a u.s. government program to mexico were in place. there was a large sort of health family planning activity. democracy began to flourish in terms of programs including with the elections process, and there was an interesting economic program. of course, it was driven by raft that. but really what you described as transformational did begin to exist and grow in the beginning of the '90s. perhaps i'm incorrect. >> well, i don't have that recollection in
Jul 19, 2011 7:00am EDT
. >> then miriam the catalyst. >> so how can people take advantage of it? >> it kicks off thursday 21 restaurants throughout county can go for lunch or dinner and just support the local farmers they have each developed a farm to fork louden menu 70% locally sourced. >> that is a lot. >> that was the mandate they had to follow go to our website there is a link that says participants click culinary you will see all the restaurants involved and make your resser visions and come out and have a -- reservations and come out and have a good time. >> it is only happening because of wonderful farms like stow any brook, where i happened to find lou here in the field good morning. >> good morning. >> obviously you thought this was a good idea you were like about time come on show case us. >> we are really happy about the farm to fork initiative connecting farm to restaurants we have had amazing interest in our farm from chefs all over the place. >> i think one of the reasons maybe people don't always buy local they don't know what is available right here let's talk about what is available here at your farm.
Jul 5, 2011 7:00am EDT
, el dolor no es opcional, el h@univisiondespiers a salir adelante. >>> gracias, miriam. >>> es una decisiÓn personal, pero habrÁ gente que se siente identificada con traer un pendiente que te recuerde a tu ser querido. >>> tendrÍa que pensar bien, ella hablÓ del sufrimiento, del dolor. >>> el dolor no es opcional, el sufrimiento sÍ lo es. >>> como que siempre va a estar latente, los tiempos cambiaron, mucha gente como dejÓ de vestir de negro por el resto de su vida, habrÁ quien haga otra cosa. >>> es la forma de lidiar con el dolor. >>> vamos con mensajes y regresamos con mÁs de "despierta amÉrica." >>> y queremos que seas parte de nuestro programa, comunicaciÓn a la direcciÓn de facebook y twitter que ves en nuestra pantalla. te esperamos en "despierta amÉrica." >>> cuÁl es el ocÉano del mar mÁs... >>> ay... >>> bueno, vamos a ver la hamburguesa mÁs grande del mundo, eso sucediÓ este fin de semana largo en la feria del condado de alameda cocinaron este tremendo hamburgueson, y pesÓ... >>> 777 libras. >>> ¿cÓn kilos son? >>> 325... >>> 352. y se rompiÓ el rÉco
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)